About Us

The Home Builders Association of Texarkana is affiliated with the National Home Builders Association and the Texas Association of Builders. The members of the HBA are involved in the housing industry. This group includes Residential Builders, Developers, Remodelers, Subcontractors, Mechanical Contractors, Material Suppliers, Realtors, Banks, Title Companies, and other related businesses.

The Home Builders Association of Texarkana's purpose is to provide its members opportunities for continued education, information about new trends in the market, group discounts on common products and services, and avenues of entrance into the various markets available. In addition, the HBA seeks to provide the general public with credible options for reliable service and integrity from it's members.


Board of Directors

Stephen Cross - President

Jimmy Anderson - Vice President

Anthony Pinkham - Treasurer

Mark Lafferty - Member

Nicole Raley - Member

Donovan Driver - Member

Shane Bates - Member

David Ward - Member

Kelly Myers - Member

Doyle Breed - Member

John Jarvis - Member

Ricky James - Member

David Christian - Executive Officer